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This page collects resources on niqab for niqabi sisters or sisters who are interested in niqab.


Is Niqab Fard?

The dispute over whether niqab is fard or not has been going on among the scholars since the earliest centuries of Islam, and will probably still be going on at the end of time. Nobody can claim to have a definitive answer to this question. All sisters should research both sides of the argument for themselves and decide which side has the stronger dalils. Here are the dalils. Just so you know, I personally feel that niqab is mustahabb and sunna but not fard.

Arguments That Niqab is FardArguments That Niqab is Not Fard
Different Rulings in Favor of NiqabThe Face Veil is Not Obligatory
Niqab: Innovation or True Islamic TraditionIt is Not Obligatory for the Muslim Woman to Cover Her Face
Evidences on an-NiqabNiqab is Not Required in the Islamic Law
Niqab According to Quran and SunnaWhy I Wear Hijab Not Niqab, by Sister Tara
NiqabExamining the Dalils for Niqab
Niqab in Light of Quran and HadithMore Perspectives on Why Niqab is Not Fard
The Fiqh Issue of HijabDoes Surah an-Nur ayah 31 Command Niqab?
Hijab: Women's Dress Code and ConductWhat is the Final Rule on Hijab?
The Second Category of Hijab


In Support of Niqabi Sisters

For all the fuss about whether niqab is fard, there is no dispute over the fact that niqab is part of Islam, mustahabb, and SUNNA. A sister will not be punished for not wearing niqab as long as she covers everything but her face and hands around non-mahram men; however, she will definitely be rewarded for wearing niqab! Whether or not you as a sister feel that niqab is for you, you should encourage and support those of your sisters who wear niqab for the sake of Allah SWT. Here are some articles why.

He Who Prevents A Slave - The sin of those who try to discourage others from sunnas, with special attention to niqab

Respect for Niqab - Why all Muslims should respect and support niqabis

Understanding the Face Veil - An article primarily intended for non-Muslims to help them understand my position on niqab

What If You Make Fun of Niqab? - The sin of those who mock niqabis in the deen

Why Wear Niqab? - An article about why niqab is mustahabb and sunna


Niqabi resources

Here are some links and articles that may be of use to niqabi sisters or sisters who are interested in niqab.

Are Niqab and Segregation Really an Obstacle for Women? - An interesting article about advances made by Saudi women even while they observe the strictest rules of hijab (see also Profiles of Educated Saudi Women to read about some very professional ladies)

Behind the Veil, a Muslim Feminist - Profile of Asiyah Andrabi: Kashmiri freedom-fighter, activist and niqabi

Can A Woman Cover Her Face on Hajj? - A common-sense look at the issue of niqab and ihram

How to Niqab - A practical guide to niqab; tips for buying and wearing; advice on styles, etc.

Niqab Jokes - Some comic relief for niqabis: check out the new fashion line of niqabs

Niqab Photo Gallery - Some pictures of niqabis, as inspiration to sisters who would like to wear niqab

No, Yes... - A little poem about full veiling by sister Lovin' Niqaab. Enjoy!

Online Niqab Stores - Need to buy a niqab online? Try these stores

Online Niqabi Clubs - A list I have made of links to online niqabi clubs and e-groups; talk with niqabi sisters online

Veil Survey for Female Reverts to Islam - This survey aims, inshallah, to provide statistical proof that women do not accept Islam just because they want to marry a Muslim man and that Muslim women do not cover because they are forced to, but rather because they choose to. Help out the cause of Muslim women, inshallah, and fill out this survey

When Is It Necessary to Uncover the Face in Public? - This is written from the perspective that niqab is fard; provides useful information about circumstances that may require a woman to uncover her face even in public in order to verify her identity

Woman Showing Her Eyes - Are eye veils necessary? Shaykh Munajjid says that it is halal for a woman to show her eyes as long as she does not uncover more of the face than is necessary