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Here is an alphabetical list of all pages on the website.


"Why Do You Dress Like That?" - A guide to Islamic dress, for non-Muslims

"Why Should I Wear Hijab?" - An article for Muslim women, encouraging them to obey the Quran and Sunna and wear hijab

A Country United - A poem by a Muslim woman about September 11

A Different Kind of Pain - A poem written by sister Found the Words for women who have suffered miscarriages

A Field Guide to Islamic Activists - An article about various movements within contemporary Islam and the origins of "militant Islam". For both Muslims and non-Muslims

A Study of Surah an-Nur ayah 31 - A detailed analysis of one of the two Quranic verses relating to women's dress

About This Website - Provides some information about this website, its author, and its content

All About Al-Muhajabah - Some background information about the webmaster

All Kinds of Information for Sisters - A separate links page especially for sisters

An Introduction to Islamic Monotheism - Provides an introduction to the Islamic view of monotheism, intended for non-Muslims

An Invitation - An invitation to non-Muslims to learn about Islam during the month of Ramadan

Anti-Hijab Discrimination - Read about discrimination against Muslim women who wear Islamic dress

Archive of Backlash Stories - My full collection of news stories on backlash against Muslims and Arab-Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks

Archive of Seattle News Stories - My full collection of Seattle backlash stories

Articles I Have Written - An index of articles I've written about Islamic topics, intended for Muslims

Articles for Non-Muslims - An index of some articles I have written for non-Muslims

Books about Islam for Non-Muslims - A list of books about Islam for non-Muslims

Christian Zionism - Learn about why Christian fundamentalists are such ardent supporters of Israel

Condemnation of the Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2001 - Killing the innocent is not part of Islam

Converts Page - Resources for those who would like to become Muslims

Deter Rape - Simple yet effective tips for women to protect themselves

Dhu'l-Hijjah - Information for Muslims who aren't going on hajj (more like this: links, islam, eid)

English Translations of the Quran - A review of five translations of the Quran

Evidences for Jilbab - An article for Muslim women about why it is obligatory to wear an Islamic coat outdoors

Examining the Dalils for Niqab - A critique of a claim made that the face veil is obligatory for Muslim women

Extras - Some links that are not about Islam but may be of use or interest

Faces of Islam - Photo gallery showing the diversity within Islam

Fiqh of Music - A brief summary of the Islamic regulations about music

Fiqh of Picture-Making - A brief summary of the Islamic regulations concerning representational art

Fiqh of Ramadan - A guide for Muslims to the rules of the Ramadan fast

Glossary - A glossary of Islamic terms

Hijab is Beautiful - A photo gallery of Muslim women wearing Islamic dress

Home Page - The front page of this website

Introduction to Islam - An introduction to Islam for non-Muslims

Islamic Charities - This page has links to some Islamic charities. Please give generously and may Allah SWT reward you

Islamic Music - Links to various websites with Islamic music

Islamic Stories - Short stories, fiction or non-fiction, by Muslims and about Islamic themes

Jews Under Islamic Rule - Looks at the history of Jews living under Islamic rule, as told in Jewish sources

Jilbab Photo Gallery - A photo gallery of women wearing the Islamic coat

Join QuranClub! - Learn about an online study group for Muslim women who would like to learn to memorize the Quran; you can also subscribe from the page

Links - A collection of links about Islam; this is my main links page

Links about African-American Muslims - Links to resources for learning more about African-American Muslims

Links about Stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims - Read about discrimination against Muslims; also includes A Month of Backlash, a collection of links related to backlash against Muslims and Arab-Americans in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks

Links for Latino Muslims - A collection of links about Latinos who have converted to Islam

Links for Non-Muslims - A collection of links with resources for non-Muslims learning about Islam and Muslims

Links to Miscellaneous Articles - A collection of links to miscellaneous articles on Islam

Marriage Dynamics in Islam - Learn about why husbands are given leadership in the family, and what this means

Men and Women in the Quran - A collection of Quranic verses about the status and rights of women

Miscellaneous Ramadan Resources - Other Ramadan resources for Muslims

More Perspectives on Why Niqab Is Not Fard - Some commentary by Muslim women on why the face veil is not obligatory

Mothers in Islamic Teaching - An article about the place of mothers in Islam, and rules for the treatment of parents in general. For Muslims and also non-Muslims

Muslim Resource Center - Links to basic resources for Muslims

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks - A collection of links to condemnations of terrorism by Muslim leaders and scholars, and ordinary Muslims

Muslims, Stand Up for Justice! - An article exhorting Muslims to fight against injustice, even when it is committed by other Muslims

My 9/11 Story - Written shortly after the terrorist attacks

My Conversion Story - How Al-Muhajabah came to Islam

Niqab Page - A page of resources about niqab and niqabis (the face veil and women who wear it)

Niqab Photo Gallery - A photo gallery of women wearing the face veil

On Veiling... - An in-depth study of some issues relating to hijab (modest dress for women), intended for non-Muslims who would like to learn more

Online Hijab Stores - A collection of links to online Islamic clothing stores

Online Niqab Stores - A list of online Islamic clothing stores that sell face veils

Online Niqabi Clubs - A collection of links to online discussion sites concerning the face veil

Opinions of Scholars in Favor of Displaying the Face and Hands - Quotes from notable Muslim scholars about Islamic dress for women

Other Fundamentalisms - Learn about Jewish and Hindu fundamentalism and they role they play in, respectively, Israel and India

Polygyny in Christianity - Is plural marriage allowed in Christianity?

Quran Page - Links to various resources for learning more about the Quran

Ramadan - The index page for my Ramadan section, with links to information for both Muslims and non-Muslims

Ramadan FAQ - A brief guide to Ramadan for non-Muslims

Ramadan Poems - Some poems about Ramadan

Ramadan and Your Health - Health concerns for Muslims in observing the Ramadan fast

Recommended Reading - Books about Islam, primarily for Muslims

Sitemap - This page

Some Quranic Verses on Jihad - What the Quran really says about why Muslims should go to war, and when they must seek peace

Spiritual Aspects of Ramadan - Links for Muslims about the inner significance of the fast

Tazkiyah: Purifcation of the Soul - Links to articles about Islamic spirituality

The Nation of Islam and orthodox Islam - Collection of links clarifying about the Nation of Islam

The Niqabi Paralegal - My offsite blog, dealing with legal issues facing Muslims in the United States and other topics of interest

The Veil in Christianity - Are Christian women supposed to cover their heads?

The Voice of a Woman - An article examining whether Muslim women can talk to non-related men at all (answer: yes, of course)

The World of Islam - A short article about the racial and ethnic diversity of Islam

Tips for Beginning to Wear Hijab - An article about wearing the Islamic dress, for women who have recently converted to Islam

Understanding the Face Veil - An article primarily intended for non-Muslims about the status of the face veil in Islamic law and why some Muslim women veil their faces

What Islam Really Says about Killing the Innocent - A brief scholarly explanation of why killing the innocent is forbidden in Islam

What about the Brothers? - Links that might be of interest to Muslim men

What is the Final Rule on Hijab? - An article explaining why Muslim women can uncover their faces and hands

What is the Khimar? - An article about the Arabic word used to refer to the headscarf

What's New - Recent updates on the website

Why Muslims Must Follow the Sunnah As Well As the Quran - An article responding to the claims of some people that Muslims can follow the Quran only

Why Wear Niqab? - An article for Muslim women, encouraging them to wear the face veil