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Here are some resources for the study of the Quran. Most of the have been posted to the sisters halaqa QuranClub (if you are a sister, join QuranClub). Inshallah, these may prove helpful.

Arabic text of the Quran:

Audio resources on the Quran:

A Brief History of the Compilation of the Quran - A brief history of the compilation of the Quran

A Quranic Journal - Arabic text, transliteration, English translation of the meaning, and commentary on ayat of the Quran, starting with the Fatiha and juz amma and working backwards. Updated daily, inshallah

About Tajweed - An excellent site with rules, recommendations, Q&A

An Index to the Quran - This index can help you find ayat about the subjects you are looking for

Chapter Introductions to the Quran - Background information and commentary on each surah

Commentary for Juz Amma by Syed Qutb - Taken from his tafsir "In the Shade of the Quran"; this covers surahs 78 to 114

Four Basic Quranic Terms - Syed Maududi explains the meaning of ilah, rabb, ibadah, and deen; this will help you better understand the Quran, inshallah

Introductions to the Surahs - Another set of introductions, by Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik

Islamic Studies - Learn simple Arabic in ten lessons

Principles of Tafsir - Learn about the science of interpreting the Quran

Quran 101 - Has recordings of some small surahs and other phrases to help with salat, inshallah

Quran Link - Wonderful link, with recitation, translation, transliteration, brief commentaries, and so much more!

Quran Recitation Page - Has Real Audio and MP3s of various surahs of the Quran and links to more Quran audio sites

Quranic Manuscripts - Learn about and view Quranic manuscripts from the first and second century hijra

Quranic Studies - Articles on grammar and rhetoric (balaghah), literary aspects, and orthography of the Quran

Reciting or Touching Quran in a State of Ritual Impurity - Very long and detailed article by Shaykh Zarabozo, analyzing the hadiths related to this issue

Rules for Quran Memorisation - Helpful guidelines for memorizing the Quran, to make the most effective use of your time and energy.

Study Schedule for Juz Ammah - A schedule to help you memorize the 30th part of the Quran, inshallah

Study Schedule for Juz Tabaraka - A schedule to help you memorize the 29th part of the Quran, inshallah

Tafseer of Quran: An Introduction - Learn about the science of interpreting the Quran - The full English translation of Tafsir Ibn Kathir, now available online. A great resource!

Tajwid Guide - For those who can read Arabic and are familiar with the basics of the science of tajwid (note: very large image file)

The Challenge of the Quran - About the miraculous nature (i'jaz) of the Quran and its inimitability

The Importance of Tajwid - Learn why it is important to use proper tajwid (correct pronunciation and intonation) when reciting the Quran

The Quran and Modern Science - The Quran discusses scientific facts that were only discovered recently!

Transliteration of the Quran - This has the Arabic of the Quran written in the Roman alphabet

Ulum al-Qur'an - An introduction to the sciences of studying and understanding the Quran

Understand Quran - Resources to help understand the Quran

Understand Quran in Arabic - Only covers the following surahs: Fatiha, Nas, Falaq, Ikhlas, Masad, and Nasr. But is an excellent resource to learn some Arabic words and their meaning so that you can understand these commonly-recited surahs

Versions of the Quran? - Learn about the different transmissions of the Quran, the ahruf and qira'at

Way to the Quran - A must-read for anybody embarking on study of the Quran! - Online resources for memorizing the Quran

Sujud at-Tilawah: Prostration for reciting certain ayat of the Quran:


Some additional articles about the Quran include: