Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Islamic Music


Here you will find links to various websites with Islamic music. There is a difference of opinion among the scholars about what kind of music is halal. To learn more, visit my Fiqh of Music page, which contains a brief summary of the Islamic regulations about music and a message to young Muslims. With the each of the links here, I have provided a brief description of the type of music found at that site; if you believe that the type of music listed is haram then you can avoid it. These links are provided as a reference only and the music at each one does not necessarily reflect the views of the webmaster. But in any case - enjoy!

You may also want to check out nasheed videos at (RSS). - A growing site featuring nashids in various languages. Appears to be most or all halal nashids.

Arabic Madih, Nasheed, Qasida, Madeeh - Large collection of Arabic nashids.

Aswat al-Islam - Mashallah, what an amazing resource. Many nashids and full recitations of the Quran for FREE download in mp3 format. - Site is in Arabic but appears to have many halal nashids.

Islamic Anasheed - Shi'i nashids.

Islamic Audiophiles - Collection of Islamic audio resources including naats (recitations about the Prophet sAas).

Islamic Broadcasting Network - Online radio station broadcasting Quran, hadiths, nasheeds, khutbas, and other Islamic programming. Good to listen to all day, mashallah.

Islamic Nashids - Completely halal nashids about the struggle in the path of Allah.

Islamic Songs Page - Links to various Arabic nashids. Nasheed videos - Videos of nasheeds

Islamified - Islamic hip-hop MP3s from various artists. Some artists may use musical instruments.

Junoon - Pakistani rock band. Uses musical instruments.

MYNA Raps - A rap group founded by Muslim Youth of North America. Uses synthesized percussion but no wind or string instruments.

Mountain of Light - Official website for Yusuf Islam's record company; features Yusuf Islam, Zain Bhika and more. Halal nashids. Note: There do not appear to be any samples you can listen to, but you can order CDs here.

Nasheed Islamic Songs - Collection of links to many, many nashid sites. Probably halal nashids.

NasheedWorld - Lyrics to various nashids and links to where you can purchase the songs.

Nasheeds - Collection of various nashids.

Nasyid Online - Features various Malaysian groups including Raihan, Rabbani and more. Artists use Malaysian percussion instruments.

Native Deen - Muslim hip-hop group. Halal nashids.

Radio Al-Islam - Children's Songs - Halal nashids for young listeners. - Features Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Nojoum and more. Halal nashids.

Soldiers of Allah - A rap/hiphop group of "da'wah-carriers" for the cause of Allah SWT. Uses musical instruments.

Sons of Hagar - A Muslim rap group. Uses musical instruments.

Telagabiru - Official website for Telagabiru (Blue Well), a Malaysian record company; features Hijjaz, Saujana and more. Artists use Malaysian percussion instruments. Site is in Malaysian.

Upright Song - Songs from Mustaqiim Sahir's album. Completely halal nashids (voice only).

Note: You will need the Real Audio Player to listen to most of the songs at these sites. You can download it from Real Networks.