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Archive of Backlash Stories


3 Questioned Over Arson Against Arab-American Store Owner

3 of Arab Descent File a Lawsuit Over Removal From Flight

A Discriminatory Practice: Refusing to Fly with Arabs

Anti-Muslim Backlash Rises in Europe as Amnesty Condemns Racist Attacks

Arab Students Abandon U.S. Studies, Seek Shelter Back Home

Arab-Americans Concerned about Treatment

Arab-Americans Living in Fear

Arab-Americans and Muslims Attacked in the U.S.

Arizona Killing May Have Been Backlash Attack

Arson Attack on British Mosque as Anti-Muslim Violence Grips Europe

As American As ... Although scapegoated, Muslims, Sikhs and Arabs are patriotic, integrated and growing

Attacks on U.S. Muslims Claim Another Life as Bush Calls for End to Violence

Australian Muslims Attacked

Backlash Against Muslims Continues

Belfast Mosque Attacked as Fears Rise

CNN Report: Hate Crimes are up in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

Chicago Community Receives Threats, Intimidation

Chicago Muslims Face Violent Backlash

Crowd Protests at Illinois Mosque

D.C. Muslims Face Backlash Violence

Debate Over Racial Profiling Intensifies

Don't Condemn All Muslims, says Muhammad Ali

Dutch police say mosque fire could be linked to US attacks

Fear Closes Islamic Schools in UK

Fear Closes Islamic Schools in UK

Fear Sweeps Los Angeles

Fearing Potential for Backlash, Islamic Schools Step Up Security

French Muslims Brace for Backlash

Halifax Mosque Attacked

Hate Crimes Against Muslims and Arabs Escalating

Hate Crimes Rise Worldwide as Fire Guts Mosque in Australia

Hate Crimes on Increase in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

In Germany, Arab Students are Being Witch-Hunted

In the aftermath of brutal terrorism, some Americans have been singled out. But people rarely fit into the categories we create

Irish Sikhs Confused with Muslims, Become Victims of Racism

IslamOnline Receives Death Threat

Islamic Agency Closes Office After E-Mail Threat

Islamic School in London Closes, Fearing Reprisals

Islamophobia a Cancer in the UK, Government Minister Says

Islamophobic Attacks in UK in Wake of Terror Attacks

Japanese-Americans See Similarities to WWII Conditions That Led to Internments

Killings May Be Part of Anti-Muslim Backlash

Man Drives Car into Cleveland Mosque

Mosques Targeted as Anti-Muslim Feeling Surfaces in Europe

Muslim Americans Fear Backlash

Muslim Americans Say Campus Not So Comfortable Anymore

Muslim Bookstore in Virginia Vandalized

Muslim Business Owners Watch Sales Fall, Fear Backlash

Muslim Graves Desecrated in Austria

Muslim-American Civil Rights in Danger, U.S. Muslim Leaders Say

Muslims Attacked in Australia

Muslims Deal with Grief - And Prejudice

Muslims Refuse to be Victims of Racism

Muslims Report a Rash of Hate Crimes in Wake of Terror Attacks

Muslims and Arabs Targeted in Los Angeles

Muslims in Northern Ireland Fearful After Attack on U.S.

Muslims in the USA Live with New Fears After Attacks: Arab-Americans and those who look like them deal with threats, hate crimes

New York Sikhs Join Ranks of Victims of Aftermath Violence

Offices Try to Prevent Harassment of Muslim Staff

Painful Cases of Mistaken Identity

Pakistani Grocer Shot Dead in Texas

Pakistani Native Says Death Threats Did In His Gas Station

Pilot Forces Arab Men Off Plane

Poll Says One in Five Arab Americans Discriminated Against Since September 11

Poll: Arab Americans Expect Scrutiny, Feel Sting of Bias

Race Attack on Indian Restaurant in England

Racists Seek Revenge Around the World

Revenge Attack on Asian Cab Driver in London

Scottish Muslims Describe Fears

Scottish Police Seek to Ease Tensions Against Muslims, Sikhs

Shock After Fire Attack on Scottish Mosque

Singapore Fears Racial Backlash in Wake of Attacks on U.S.

Troubling Times for Afghan-Americans

Turbans and Beards Leave British Sikhs Vulnerable

UK Mosque Vandalised

UK Muslim Community Faces Tension

UK Muslims Fear Race Hatred

UK Muslims Fear Revenge Attacks

University of Connecticut Muslim Students Harassed

Violent Anti-Muslim Backlash Spreads

Widespread Violations of Civil Liberties in U.S. Dragnet