Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Other Fundamentalisms


We hear a lot in the media (especially since September 11) about the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. Sometimes one gets the impression that this is the only kind of fundamentalism there is, or the only kind that may influence the policies of other countries. Neither of these is true.

This page focuses on Jewish fundamentalism, and the role it plays in Israeli policy, and on Hindu fundamentalism, and the role it plays in India's policy. I have singled out these two countries because their policies affect the Muslim world; I am not aware that Buddhist fundamentalism either is a major factor or that it affects the Muslim world.

I do have a page elsewhere on Christian fundamentalism in the U.S., which is a related issue.


Jewish Fundamentalism and Israel

'Who is a Jew' Matters in Israel, by Sheldon L. Richman

A Review of 'Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel', by Allan C. Brownfeld

Beware the Red Heifer, by Justin Raimondo

Extremism in Israel Is Fueled by a Growing Ultra-Orthodox Movement in the U.S., by Allan C. Brownfeld

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Wide-ranging Implications of the Growing Power of Religious Orthodoxy in Israel, by Dr. Edna Homa Hunt


Hindu Fundamentalism and India

BJP's Cynical Exploitation of the Indian People, by Ravi Karishna

Debunking Hindutva's Myths, by P.R. Ram

Eight Year Old Boy Sacrificed by Hindu Temple Priest, by the Times of India

Fasten Your Seatbelts: India May Be Leading Us on the Path to Destruction, by Justin Raimondo

Genocide in Gujurat, by Martha C. Nussbaum

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Hindu Nationalists 'Tampering' with History Curriculum, by Anto Akkara

Hindu Nationalists Allege a 'Christian Conspiracy', by Surinder Majhi

Hindu Nationalists Plan Violence Against Religious Minorities in India, by various newswires

Hindutva Offensive Social Roots: Characterisation, by R.R. Puniyani

Hindutva: Hindu Nationalism, by Biju Mathew

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Is Indian History Being 'Saffronised' by the Ruling BJP?, by the Indian Express

Jan Sangh: The BJP's Predecessor, by Bipan Chandra

Oppression in India, by Gurmit Singh Aulakh, Sikh activist

Persecution of Christians on Rise in India, by George Thomas

Riding the Tiger in India, by Niranjan Ramakrishnan

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U.S. rights report slams India for anti-Christian violence, by Chidanand Rajghatta