Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Articles for Non-Muslims


A Field Guide to Islamic Activists - What are the major movements in Islam today and where did they come from? How does the "militant Islam" preached by Osama Bin Laden fit in? This article provides a brief look at these issues.

An Introduction to Islamic Monotheism - In Islam, monotheism is a complete way of being. This article looks at the basics on this issue.

Marriage Dynamics in Islam - In Islam, husbands are given leadership in the family. Why is this? What are the limits of it? This article takes a look at what Islam really teaches on this issue.

Mothers in Islamic Teaching - This article was written for Muslims but may be useful to non-Muslims in learning what Islam teaches about parents and mothers.

On Veiling... - An examination of the issue of modest dress for women and its context in Islam. I recommend that you start with 'Why Do You Dress Like That?', which is linked below, to learn the basics and then read this article.

Polygyny in Christianity - Does the Bible allow men to take multiple wives?

Terrorism Is Not Islam:

Understanding the Face Veil - Why do some Muslim women veil their faces? How does Islam regard this act? If you are interested in learning more, read this article. It is recommended to start with 'Why Do You Dress Like That?' and then 'On Veiling'.

The Veil in Christianity - Does the Bible command women to cover their hair?

"Why Do You Dress Like That?" - An explanation of hijab, the Islamic dress for women.

The World of Islam - A brief guide to the diversity of the Muslim world.