Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

About This Website


When was the website launched?

The website was launched on September 17, 2001.


What does "Al-Muhajabah" mean?

"Al-muhajabah" is an Arabic word meaning "she who wears Islamic dress". I chose this nickname because my hijab (Islamic dress) is an important part of my identity and how I want the world to see me.


Who is Al-Muhajabah?

I have chosen to remain anonymous on this website in order to protect my privacy online. I am a convert to Islam of European-American heritage. I am not a trained scholar of Islam, just an ordinary believer who strives to increase her knowledge.


Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, any of the pictures and graphic images may be copied and used freely by any visitor. If I post any image files that I wish to protect, I will clearly indicate them. As well, any pages that consist solely of links to external sites are free to copy and use. Although I invested a great deal of time in collecting these links, their content is not mine so I have no right over it.

However, any pages that contain informational text are my own work unless otherwise noted. I have posted a disclaimer notice (similar to the one at the bottom of this page) on each of these pages. If you wish to post or to publish any of these materials, please include this notice along with the materials, or put an author credit with the work attributing Al-Muhajabah. I put a lot of time and effort into writing these materials, so please respect that and give me credit. The best solution would be for you to simply link to the page on my website from your own. This is what I have done with materials that I wish to include on my site but that I did not write.

Additionally, some materials posted to this site are by other authors. Copyright information about these materials is indicated on each page.


Notice to Muslims, regarding the use of images on this site

I have attempted to make sure that all of the pictures of animate beings (humans or animals) that appear on this site are either partial or incomplete (such as a head and shoulders shot) or the facial features have been erased. I have also tried to limit the use of even such images to instructional purposes. Some scholars say that photographs may be used without such restrictions but it seems better to be too cautious than not enough. For a more detailed explanation, see Fiqh of Picture-Making.