Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

A Poem About September 11


By Rooshna Kidwai


Tragedy struck the country on the 11th of September
Terror grasped our hearts on a day that all will remember
Shock combined with anger, pain combined with fear
As we intently watched the news and brushed away the tears
Planes explode into buildings, causing them to collapse
Maybe a scene from a movie, or just a nightmare, perhaps?
But that’s just wishful thinking, we knew it was very real
Because the families of the victims wait for the pain to heal
The question continued to echo, only the answer did we lack
Who were the monsters who committed this deadly terrorist attack?
Now we know their identities: Muslims by their names
And because of these cowards, all Muslims were defamed
This isn’t what Islam teaches; I’m a Muslim so I should know
What the terrorists did was wrong, and Hell is where they will go
Us Muslims did nothing wrong, but still you persist to despise
A group of innocent people, who now fear to step outside
We won’t ask you to forgive us for something we didn’t do
But please respect us like your own, because we are just like you
Let’s hold our hands with peace, and let’s join our hearts with love
Pray for the victims who died in the blue sky up above
Too high above for us to know how these people felt
The victims in the buildings and the horror with which they dealt
Imagine the pain of their families, who lie at home in wait
For someone to come inform them of their beloved’s fate
We called it the United States, but it wasn’t until now
That we were a country united under a single vow
Dear God, Together we stand and together we pray
For all who lost their lives on that sorrowful day
And protect all the Muslims from anyone who expresses malice
And doesn’t know the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist